Who are we?

We have been operating since December 2019 (formerly Kleenabin), who had been cleaning bins for 18 years.

We can clean a single bin, all your bins and large commercial bins. We have a fleet of vans specifically designed and fitted with professional bin cleaning equipment.

All of our vehicles and equipment meet the latest health and safety regulations and our cleaning process uses only 100% biodegradable products to ensure minimum environmental impact.

Wash a Bin Van

What is our process?

Using specially designed bin cleaning equipment your wheelie bin is degreased and washed under high-pressure jets which will remove dirt residue from the inside and outside of the bin. This takes place inside the vehicle so as to avoid making a mess outside your property. Any remaining marks and residue are removed with a hand lance to ensure a spotless finish. The bin is then coated with a disinfectant and deoderiser, then returned to your property.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

We are so confident of our unbeatable service that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. But we know you will be satisfied with the results. Contact us straight away should you wish to register your dissatisfaction.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

Does your bin need cleaning? Give us a call.

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